Monday, September 4, 2017

Cookie Monster Smash Cake

Baby cake smash photoshoots are getting increasingly popular. It isn't just about a plain pink or blue cream-covered cake anymore. People are getting fancier with their themes, and with that, the design of the smash cake to match the theme! 

Cookie Monster cake

For this cake smash, the baby's mum wanted to do a Cookie Monster theme, and I got to make a fuzzy Cookie Monster cake for the shoot! She had seen my Elmo cake on Instagram and wanted the same design, but blue of course.

Now, I did warn the mummy that all food colouring stains temporarily, especially dark colours like blue and red. But of course, any stains will eventually wash off. I have had first time parents become alarmed when they realize that heir bubbly baby, who's enjoying playtime with their bright blue smash cake, has skin to match a surf's. It is normal for food colouring to stain skin. It will eventually wash off. And, all food colouring is edible. (That's why it's called food colouring). I definitely do not use toxic, non-edible dyes in cake!!! Anyway, if you are thinking of having a smash cake for your little one, please keep this info in mind! Pastels stain less, and the only colour guaranteed not to stain is white. You can read more about this in point no. 6 in my cake FAQs

blue food colouring stained hands

Anyway, back to Cookie Monster! Since the mummy didn't mind the staining, we went ahead with cookie monster blue buttercream fur! I made his eyes and mouth out of fondant, and the cookie too. 

"Me want cookie!!"

I piped the buttercream "fur" on using grass tip number 233. (My biggest pet peeve is when the tiny holes in the nozzles become stuck and I have to wash out the tip multiple times in the middle of decorating the cake!)) But anyway, I love how fuzzy furry Cookie Monster turned out! 

"Nom, nom, nom. Cookie good."

Check out these super cute pics from the cake smash photoshoot, taken by Studio Memories. Love the shades of blue and the real chocolate chip cookies & milk bottle in the shot! 

And you know the six degrees of freedom thing? Well, after the shoot, the mummy shared some of the pics with me and I looked her up on FB and discovered that she was friends with my brother-in-law cuz he and her hubby were friends from the same high school! And  the other cool thing is that we discovered that we both share the same birthday!! (same day as Indonesia's independence day!) How's that for coincidental?  

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